Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules and Policies of PIMS Library


Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences has established 4 libraries of various specialties within the premises of this Institute to educate the doctors, postgraduate residents and clinical staff for effective patient care. Keeping in view the importance of reading materials we are in a view that the standard of medical facilities can not only be raised through sophisticated equipment, high standard drugs but also through professional skills and best know how of medical sciences by the doctors and other professionals. This can be achieved only through new ideas and techniques enshrined in the books and journal acquired by the institution’s libraries. With these aims PIMS libraries are providing manuals electronic facilities not only to our own doctors and researchers , but also to our clientele throughout the country, readers from various hospitals of Rawalpindi/Islamabad and doctors from NWFP are provided reference materials by our libraries.
The PIMS libraries are providing internet and Medline facilities free of charges to all the doctors and students and are connected with inter library loan (ILL). Our libraries remain open in three shifts. About 30,000 books and 50 journals of all specialties are being subscribed on regular basis. In addition to these 50 local journals are being received on complementary basis.



1. The library shall remain open for service according to the working hours observed by the Institute from time to time in a year.
2. The library hours may be changed from time to time by the Librarian provided circumstances call for such an action.


3. Books and other materials of the following description shall not be issued, but can be consulted in the library only:
a) All works marked REFERENCE, and Encyclopedias, Dictionaries
Atlases, Dissertations, Research Reports etc., Rare books, manuscripts and protected documents.
b) Current periodicals, and back volumes on short loan.
c) All un-processed books.
d) All non-print materials such as films, slides, audio-recordings, video, filmstrips, etc.


6. Consultants Maximum two books One week
7. Medical Officers -do- -do-
8. Postgraduate Residents One book -do-


9. Books or other materials shall be returned to the library on the due date stamped on the book label. For any other unauthorized duration the book remains with the user(s) a fine of Rs.5/- per day per book shall be charged.


1. Members shall not be mutilate, damage by writing on pages of any books or publication, nor shall; they trace or perform mechanical reproduction of any material belonging to the library without formal permission of the Librarian. Violation of this rule shall require replacement of the damaged volume or payment of its price as provided under the rule.
2. If one volume of a set/series is damaged, and it is not available separately, the whole set/series shall have to be replaced or paid for by the user as specified under the rule.
3. User are advised to inspect books or any other printed material at the time of issue. They must direct the attention of the staff at the Charging Desk to defects, if any.
4. The library shall remain close during the annual stock-taking, and the borrowing privileges will remain suspended for the same period. All books on loan with the user must, irrespective of the date due, be returned to the library before the date of stock-taking that shall be announced at least 2 weeks in advance.
5. All user must intimate, without fail any changes of address.
6. Librarians is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any student/member if found misusing the library materials or facilities.


1. Book(s) lost, damaged, or mutilated in any way by a user shall have to be replaced or paid for. The cost of the book(s) realized shall be double the actual price plus additional 25% as departmental charges.
2. Regarding case(s) of adjustments from or towards the library security deposits, such user(s) shall be allowed to borrow books again unless he/she replenished the security deposit.
3. If books and other materials borrowed from the library are not returned even after due date beside the two fortnightly notices, such case shall be dealt with as governed under the Rule.
4. The amount realized from a user as cost of lost or damages book(s) or material(s) or for not returning the books after due notices shall be credited to Federal Treasury.
5. Book(s) or other materials lost or found to be lost on stocktaking shall be reported to the Library Committee for write-off.


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