Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Library Staff

Kausar Mirza
Chief Librarian
Main Library
Master in Library and Information Science
Email: ramzankausar60@gmail.com

Incharge Library/Assistant Librarian
Children Hospital Library
Master in Library & Information Science

Zohra Bibi
Incharge Library/Assistant Librarian
MCH Library
Master in Library & Information Science.

Salamat Ali
Incharge Library/Assistant Librarian/Reference Librarian
PIMS Library Blog Creater
College of Nursing Library
Master in Library & Information Science
E-mail:salamat_ali07@yahoo.com , salamatalipims@gmail.com
Ph:+92 51-90712427
Cell No.03475118210,03348354706

Shah Khalid
Assistant Librarian
Duty in Administration
Master in Library & Information Science
Cell No.0334-9009134

Ch.M. Bashir
Acting Assistant Librarian
Main Library
Email: ch_mbashir@yahoo.com


Muhammad Asif
Acting Assistant Librarian/A.V. Incharge
Main Library
Master in Library & Information Science

Ch. Jamshed Ahmed
Acting Library Assistant
Main Library

Muhammad Fayyaz
Press Clipper

Muhammad Zafar


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